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Zeit Online Sudoku HD for iPad

by Radek Sukala

We are proud to announce that we built new App for Zeit Online. App Zeit Online Sudoku HD for iPad is designed for iPad and it is Freemium App. Free version with InApp purchase option to buy more game grids. Zeit Online was the first website of a German newspaper with a considerable range of Sudoku games. More than 100,000 players make use of this offer every day. Zeit Online Sudoku HD for iPad takes advantages of iPad’s outstanding display properties to provide the highest possible game comfort.

Zeit Online Sudoku HD for iPad

It has many great game features, which are not available when solving traditional printed Sudoku grids. The pencil mode allows solving Sudoku puzzles more intelligently, i.e. after the player fills in the correct number in the appropriate square, all auxiliary small-size numbers in the subject square are automatically deleted. . Another useful feature is that the app shows selected numbers in a grid in different colours for easy orientation while playing.

Sudoku HD also features a multiplayer mode, in which multiple players can play against each other on a single device or using 2 devices. The app comes with one game free per day and more addicted players may select from a number of paid packages offering a large variety of unique Sudoku puzzles from only 79 cents. Additional application features include single and multitouch mode, pause mode, detailed statistics, social media functions, as well as three different skill levels.

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Description from Apple AppStore
The famous ZEIT ONLINE Sudoku is now available for iPad! With more than 10000 high-quality puzzles across three different skill levels, lots of other features, an extraordinary gameplay and design you can play the sudoku everytime and everyday.

ZEIT Sudoku HD is a great introduction the world of Sudoku. You can play one puzzle free per day.


- extraordinary design and usability
- much more than 10.000 unique puzzles
- three different skill levels
- Multiplayer-mode (local and via network)
- one game free per day
- make multiple notes like professional gamers
- single- and multitouch-mode
- check your progress
- Hints, tips and tricks
- Pause the game at any time
- social media functions for facebook and twitter
- game statistics and much more