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Digital publishing, made easy

Digital publishing, made easy

Padlisher is full service solution for producing rich and engaging tablet and PC editions of your magazines. We cover the entire workflow from content transfer, and editioning, to end-user app solution. Unlike other tablet publishing offerings, Padlisher doesn’t need from you to have any additional staff for digital publishing.
Our platform is set to revolutionize the publishing industry, as media companies will be offered a second opportunity to monetise content. Padlisher makes it easy to turn your print content (magazines, newspapers, custom media) into shining tablet magazine experiences that readers happily pay for.

We will start with your print files and fully redesign them. Then we add interactivity, slideshows, fullscreen galleries, video, audio, 360º photos, swiping, searching, zooming, animation… all in your own branded app that readers spend more time with. Padlisher is not just digital magazine publishing platform, it is complete solution, you just decide whether you would like to sell single issues, subscriptions and back issues, with a simple business model that lets you maximize profits

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